One Day Welding Course:

(Introduction to MMA (Stick Welding), MIG Welding and gas welding/cutting.)

The one day welding course is designed to give the beginner a good grounding in welding theory and practice. Includes practical training using the MIG WELDING process with STICK (ARC) and Gas Welding offered if applicable to your needs.

The course takes you through welding typical joints in the downhand, vertical, horizontal-vertical and overhead welding positions, giving you the skills to be flexible and competent in building welded structures, whether artistic and decorative or repair based projects.

This course is ran on a one to one basis or one to two if you attend as a pair.

Fees are as follows:
£250 for 1 person or £350 for 2 persons

All courses run from 10am to 6pm.

For further enquiries please use the courses form specifying what type of course you are interested in.

The studio workshop is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and everyone with an interest in welding techniques is welcome.